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Do You Need An Engaging Website That Will Convert New Visitors Into Paying Customers? Now, you can save thousands of dollars on development fees and get a custom attention grabbing website developed for your business for FREE* in a few days

*While we won’t bill you any development fees, you still need to cover the cost of purchasing your business domain name and hosting. 

Our Working Process Is Simplified And Easy

Here is the steps from start to finish of what you should expect in other to get your business website Completely DONE-FOR-YOU

Don't like website templates? We've got you covered. All our website designs are carefully designed with your requirements in mind. We don't use templates to design our websites, as all are done from scratch and are unique to only your business. No matter what industry your business serves, all for FREE.

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The price you would pay on average to get a website developed and launched is around $500+, but we are saving you all that money by developing and launching a website for your business in record time.


We offer free 24/7 web design support to help you stay updated and on track for 2 months after launching your business online and 2 hours daily (Except Sunday) free live chat support after that time expires.


Businesses globally lose more than $1B annually to cyber criminals, and because of these danger we strive hard to recommend the best web hosting companies out there for our clients, so you’ll have peace of mind.


We understand that begin able to track how visitors interact and use your website is an important step that drive you to make the most informed business decisions and that why we integrate with Google Analytics.


We also know how it feels like after developing a beautiful and engaging website and then unforeseen event happens and you lose your website, the thought of developing another can be challenging and that’s why we keep backups of your website monthly.


Having a well optimized website can be a game changer for your business because it gives you more visibility and allow you to drive organic traffic back to your website, so we take the extra step to give your website the basic website optimization it needs to start attracting new visitors.

Curiosity & Transparency

Why Build a Website For Free?

Our goal is to help more than 100,000 small business owners develop a conversion focused website that does not just stay online, but one that converts visitors and bring new customers which in turn helps the business owners grow online.

Help us achieve this goal contact us for a free professionally designed website for your business today!

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as hard as you do.


Our design philosophy is engineered toward achieving the best speed possible so your visitors don’t get frustrated with slow loading pages.


When it comes to a conversion focused website simple is perfect. we take account of this concept when putting your website together.


Today having a mobile friendly website wins. we design your website to fit perfectly on every possible screens and devices so you never lose leads again.


Every website we build and deliver is built with security in mind to ensure your website is safe for your visitors to share information or pay you.

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Bonus #1 - Maintenance and Support - Total Value: $999

When you signup with us and complete the purchase of your business domain and hosting we’ll cover the cost of maintaining your website online at no extra cost to you all year round. This service is important for the smooth running of your business website and to keep your website safe and secured from hackers and bad actors online.

Other agencies charge anywhere from $20 – $100/per month for this service but we’ll give it you for free when you get started with us and we promise you’ll never need another agency throughout the lifespan of your business website online again.

Bonus #2 - Premium Live Chat Widget - Total Value: $997

Having a live chat widget has proven countless times to help business owners convert more visitors into leads and customer because it enables customers quickly and easily get in contact with the business in real-time without having to wait days or even weeks to get responses from businesses. because sometimes business owners might forget to check their web mails.

Normally, we add this service as an upgrade feature to websites for clients and this might cost a lifetime value of up-to $997, but in other to appreciate you even more we’ve decided to offer this service as a bonus for choosing us as your web development partner

Bonus #3 - How to grow your website traffic - Total Value: $97

Building a website is just one important step business owners make on their journey to growing their business online.

Learning the different ways to drive traffic that converts to your website is another important step business owners must continually engage into, in other for them to continuously attract more targeted customers to their business instead of their competition.

So as part of our bonus we’ll gift you a free $97 course on how to drive targeted traffic to your business website and grow your business into the giant corporation you’ve always dreamt of owning.

Bonus #4 - Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses - Total Value: $197

These days before customers enagage with business owners of any kind they want to trust and see you show up all the time.

There are billions of persons everyday using social media to engage with businesses of all types and as a business owner you need to be able to harness the power of social media to enable it work for your business.

So in this, free $197 bonus course you will learn the basics of social media marketing, how it can benefit your business and how to use it to get the full benefit of the different social media platform regardless of the industry or niche you serve.

Bonus #5 - How to turn your company into a content power house - Total Value: $497

They say “Content is key” and that completely true. look at everywhere today businesses of every kinds have started producing more content than ever before from blog articles, white papers to engaging Youtube/TikTok Videos Or Instagram Reels all for the sake of attracting more eyeballs to their businesses.

So no matter what type of business you’re into you need to be creating even more contents than ever before in other to attract eyeballs and compete in the ever changing internet space.

In this Free $497 Bonus Course you will learn how to turn your business into a content marketing power house without needing a large budget.

Get All This For FREE When You Order Your Business Website Today!

Like we mentioned before, your website development is free. All we ask is that you help us cover your domain and hosting costs!


24/7 Website support.

Checker Web Services supports websites worldwide. Let our experts help you effectively build, grow and manage your Business website.


Why are you building these beautiful websites for free, what's the catch?

First off, there is no catch or hidden charges involve. You’ll get a completely customized business website developed and delivered to you for free.

As we’ve helped more than 50 businesses till date build their business websites without charging a dime. All we ask from you is for you to cover the small cost involve in the purchase of your business domain name and hosting.

How long will it take to get my website developed and delivered if we start today?

Normally, it takes 2-3 business days for your business website to be completed, given you give your project the attention it needs and the materials needed are provided and you review it on time.

I have 2 website projects In hand that needs to be developed will you build all for free?

Our free website plan is only limited to 1 website per client.

If you have multiple website projects, for sure will be happy to build them but it will be based on our paid plans.

Note: The initial website will be built completely for free (just cover the domain and hosting fees). no hidden cost.

What if I choose to add more features to my website, what happens then?

If you want to add more features for example pages, functions etc. to your free website.

You will need to pay a one time upgrade fee only if your requirement exceeds what is offered in our free website design plan.

Do you offer support for these websites?

Of course, regardless of free or paid we offer full support to all our clients to ensure their websites runs smoothly.

But our support for free websites is only for 2 months and is limited to updates and site maintenance.

Do I have full control over my website?

Yes, the website is yours and you have full control over it.

we’ll never hold your website hostage for any reasons and you can also switch to another agency or developers if you feel so at any time.

What is required to get a free website developed for my business?

You just need to cover the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting for your business website from one of our partner web hosting companies.

for example,, etc these are examples of a domain name.

While a hosting is just a rented space on the internet where your website files will be stored and be accessible 24/7 all year around.

What if i already have a domain name and hosting for my business that is active?

Well since we only offer our free plan to new businesses or businesses who doesn’t have a domain name and hosting.

because that one of the ways we get paid and pay our free website development team.

You will have to pay a small custom development fee.

If you offer free web design for businesses, what you do stand to gain financially.

I understand many of you here have one thing in common running through your minds.

Are you a charity organization? how do you make money when you build a free website for us?

Well, firstly we choose to monetize differently compared to other agencies, we make money from offering web hosting and domain registration services to clients. so when you purchase a domain and hosting plan we make money to fund our development costs and also establish longer term relationship with our clients.

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